Publication of the Department of Public Health Annual Report

Create and publish an Annual Report each year by June 30, 2021.

Why is this important?

Our department provides essential public health services that help carry out our vision of “healthy people in vibrant communities.” The DPH Annual Report provides a summary of these services and our accomplishments within a fiscal year (our fiscal year starts in July). From our efforts to prevent rabies in humans and pets, to our efforts to provide affordable preventative and  primary care services, the DPH Annual Report showcases the work we do every day to keep our public safe and healthy. 

What are we working on?

DPH Annual Reports are developed by the DPH Public Information Officer at the end of each fiscal year (June) and are published on the DPH website for public accessibility.

How are we doing?

DPH Annual Reports have been developed and posted on the DPH website every fiscal year since fiscal year 2015-2016.

Want more information?

To see all of our available annual reports, visit our Data and Reports page under the Departmental Reports, Plans and Guides drop-down menu.
Last Update: 08/29/2019