Collecting Public Feedback

Develop and implement a standard department wide consumer feedback mechanism by June 30, 2020.

Why is this important?

Feedback from customers lets us know if our services are appropriate and effective. Through feedback, we learn more about local needs and whether our services need improvement. Currently, our department does not have a standardized way to collect consumer feedback across all of our programs. This objective will help meet that need. This mechanism applies to all programs in the department that serve both internal and external customers. Our objective is to have a mechanism in place by June 2020.

What are we working on?

A short customer satisfaction survey has been created and uploaded to our department website. Customers that use our website can give their feedback based on the service they received. The Research, Assessment, and Planning unit will work with programs individually to expand the survey tool and customize it to their program needs.

How are we doing?

Progress towards this objective is tracked via completion of action items below. 

What can you do?

Programs are encouraged to look at data collected from this standardized mechanism and respond to feedback received from their consumers. Programs can work closely with the Performance Management Committee to use quality improvement tools and respond to consumer feedback.

Want more information?

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Last Update: 01/28/2020