Strategic Plan 2015 - 2021

Strategic direction and guidance for organizational priorities, activities and resource allocation

The Department of Public Health’s Strategic Plan defines our priorities and provides a clear road map to guide our work over the next five years. It complements other critical efforts such as the Countywide Vision and the Community Vital Signs Initiative. The metrics below show our progress towards accomplishing our Strategic Plan objectives. Metric cards are organized by Strategic Plan priority areas.
"This plan provides a road map for our future and is intended to be a living document to spur innovation and drive alignment. With the Countywide Vision as our guide, we will accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone." -Trudy Raymundo, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health Director  

Take a look at our progress towards accomplishing our Strategic Plan objectives for 2015 - 2021. 

Priority Area 1: Community & Environment

Priority Area 2: Empowerment

Priority Area 3: Health Equity

Priority Area 4: Health Services and Protection

Priority Area 5: DPH Infrastructure