Health Insurance Coverage


Health insurance helps families and communities be aware of good health practices and health risks.¹ People with health insurance also have the opportunity to receive early treatment that can improve their health, particularly children.¹ On the contrary, people without health insurance receive less care and experience greater difficulty seeking recommended medical care such as preventative and screening services.² ³ By tracking health insurance enrollment, we can identify the communities that lack this resource and see how our county compares with state and national standards.

Our Vital Signs 

We use U.S. Census Bureau data to track health insurance enrollment in our county. The U.S. Census Bureau releases two sources for health insurance statistics each year, the Annual Social and Economic Supplement to the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey.⁴ These surveys provide information on health insurance status (insured or not insured) for the nation by demographic groups.⁴
We have identified the following trends in health insurance enrollment in our county:
  • The percent of San Bernardino County residents with insurance coverage increased steadily.
  • Enrollment rose by 14% from 2010 (78.4%) to 2017 (92.4%).
  • The rise in insurance enrollment mostly took place between 2013 to 2015.
The chart below shows the overall percentage of the population with health insurance coverage for San Bernardino County and compares it with the State of California and the United States. The chart also includes targets from Healthy People 2020 and Let's Get Healthy California. 

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Updated 03/03/2020