Mentoring Program

A total of 70 unduplicated mentees will have enrolled in the Mentoring Program by June 30, 2021.

Why is this important?

Our department works diligently to deliver essential public health services across the entire county. To achieve this, we depend on a strong and capable workforce to deliver these services. The DPH Mentoring Program is one of our workforce development strategies that helps us maintain a highly skilled and competent workforce dedicated to supporting our vision of “healthy people in vibrant communities.”
The program provides staff with an opportunity to learn new skills to improve their work performance and prepare them for their future career goals. Both mentor and mentee also have the opportunity to learn more about DPH program services and network with other staff throughout the department. The program has a duration of nine months and it is offered to all staff once every fiscal year. 

What are we working on?

The department's Workforce Development Committee, a staff-driven committee, created and implemented the Mentoring Program. A six-month pilot was completed in 2017 and the program was officially launched in 2018. Committee members continually evaluate the program and make improvements for the next cohort of participants. The program's third cycle is currently underway. 

How are we doing?

A pilot mentoring program was completed in fiscal year 2017-18 with 11 mentees participating in the six-month program. The following fiscal year, 2018-19, the department completed its first official year with 20 mentees participating in the program. The program is currently on its third program cycle. 

What can you do?

Staff - apply to the program every fall. We are also in need of mentors, so don't doubt your abilities and sign-up to be a mentor!
Public and partners - contact us if you would like to learn more about our program.

Last Update: 08/29/2019