Individual Development Plan

At least 100 of current staff will have created an Individual Development Plan (IDP) by June 30, 2021.

Why is this important?

The IDP is a tool designed by staff for staff to create realistic goals for their professional development. With support from department leadership, this tool encourages staff to take initiative and work on their own professional and personal growth.

What are we working on?

The IDP was first introduced in May 2018 and it is currently managed by the Workforce Development Committee. Department leadership staff, coordinators, managers and executives were encouraged to use the tool with their staff. The tool is also used as part of one of the requirements for the DPH Mentoring Program. Mentees in this program are required to complete an IDP with their mentor.

How are we doing?

Currently, 30 IDPs have been created, including staff who joined the mentoring program in 2018. The goal is to ensure 100 IDPs are created by staff who have an interest in professional development. 

What can you do?

We highly encourage staff to create an IDP with their supervisor to support their professional growth and leadership development. 
Staff - reach out to the Workforce Development Committee if you have questions about the IDP. 

Want more information?

For more information, please contact the Workforce Development Coordinator Silas Molino at
Last Update: 01/28/2020