Animal Rescue Group Partners

Increase the number of non-profit animal rescue group partners (RGPS) by 5% annually by June 30, 2021.

Why is this important?

Our department's Animal Care and Control (ACC) program operates two open admission animal shelters located in the communities of Devore and Big Bear Lake. Each shelter receives animals from their respective service areas. Every year, these two shelters impound over 8,000 pets. Animals that are of good health and temperament, and not reclaimed by their owners, are made available for adoption.

What are we working on?

Some animals in need of a home require a little extra love and care. Rescue Group Partners play a key role in helping this population and finding these pets a new home, as they have they often have the capacity to help address an animal’s specific needs for health or behavioral challenges. These organizations are able to devote the time and resources needed to help rehabilitate animals in need of a little extra care and help to find them a devoted family to adopt them. That is why our department is working to formalize partnerships with more of these organizations within our community. Along with spaying and neutering, microchipping and humane education, collaboration between ACC and rescue groups is also helping to reduce the number of homeless pets in our shelters.

How are we doing?

We track the number of Rescue Group Partners every month. Our goal is to increase the number of Rescue Group Partners by 5% by June 30, 2021. 

What can you do?

Spay, neuter and microchip your pets. Support the local Rescue Group Partners by encouraging others to adopt local animals from rescue groups as well as shelters.

Want more information?

For more information, please visit the Animal Care Control Site.
Last Update: 1/29/2020